Dreaming Realities

Pictoriță, scriitoare și artist vizual, Edith Oncica își asumă o abordare holistică asupra conceptului de feminitate în creațiile ei. Poemele sale sunt adesea inspirate de scene și imagini din vise. Proiectul “Dreaming Realities” aduce împreună un trio artistic feminin – Edith (îmbinând expresivitatea imaginației sale cu experiența de art director, stilist și makeup artist) a pus în scenă conceptul alături de artista Roxana Paraschivoiu (Visual Instincts), iar modelul Georgiana Saraev a devenit actrița în rol principal, navigând o realitate haotică prin lentila viselor. Lasă poezia, imaginile și clipul de mai jos să te ghideze spre a-ți explora, la rândul tău, adâncurile imaginației.

“Dreaming Realities”

By Edith Oncica

Rochie, Nympha Clothing

I would create out of your Body, a House where I can live in
A selfish shelter that I can Use when I’m wounded and can’t find my allay

Rochie, Adrian Oianu, colier, cercei și inel, Celeste Jewelry, fotoliu, Heartwood

Your Eyes would be crevices for the outsides of ambulant soulless Bodies,
And you’d know, you’d know when to close them, for me to feel Protected
You’d know when to Open them to show me Beauty again

Rochie, Adrian Oianu, colier, cercei și inel, Celeste Jewelry, fotoliu, Heartwood

Your Lips would welcome me in, with the sweet Saviour of Love, kissing
softly my Spirit, igniting its flame and tickling my Senses

Colier și cercel, Celeste Jewelry

Your ears would be Paths through the gardens of Never ending life
philosophies and teachings about how to Love myself again, how to Forgive,
Heal and let go, unlearn what i’ve learned

Rochie, Nympha Clothing, accesoriu capilar cu flori, DeCorina

And you’d Feel, you’d feel how to make me hear them
You’d Hum and I’d Listen with my eyes closed, my lids trembling, finding
Ease in my gloom

Accesoriu capilar cu flori, DeCorina

You’d purvey me, through your lungs, with enough Air so I don’t choke with
feelings of guilt and misery

Rochie, Nympha Clothing, colier, Celeste Jewelry

While Carefully being held and muffled in a bed of fingers, close to the
Warmth of your Soul, the chimney of my Shelter.

Rochie, Nympha Clothing, oglindă, Heartwood

I’d feel the Rhythm of your Heartbeats, laying somewhere between the
unconsumed space of your right and left ventricle, swayed to fall deep
asleep without being drawn in the mist of mind, into nihility

Rochie, Nympha Clothing

I’d stay safe between your breastbones, wing-bones and ribs, they’d protect
me from daily strikes that unwillingly happened and drag me into anxiety,
they’d keep me in absolute tranquility, undressed of life

Rochie, Adrian Oianu

With your steps you’d carry me through my fears, so you’d show me they’re
not mine, they’d fade in the void between your feet touching Ground, they’d
fade in the sound of sand tormented under your toes, on the beaches of
your Wisdom

Rochie, Adrian Oianu

I’d drink your blood so you’ll give me a flavour of courage, cells of desire,
the plasma of life, I’d feel a taste, unfamiliar to my tongue, being hungry for
love, for life, hungry to not Be

Rochie, Nympha Clothing, accesoriu capilar, DeCorina

I’d break you into pieces and then put you back together, for I would have
known your insides so well by now

Fustă, Adrian Oianu, joben, DeCorina

You’d be the self that I’d create a home out of, for both, you’d be the one
coming against the future into the present

Rochie, Nympha Clothing, accesoriu capilar, DeCorina, covor, Heartwood
and then I’d leave from within you, leaving enough space for another lost
soul to find its way in your shadow, the one that gives light into darkness
What are we?

Rochie, Adrian Oianu, pălărie, DeCorina

Styling, makeup & hair: Edit by Edith / Edith Oncica

Fotografii: Visual Instincts / Roxana Paraschivoiu

Video: Visual Instincts / Cristian Barcan

Model: Georgiana Saraev

Producție: Edit by Edith / Frank Paul & Edith Oncica & Visual Instincts / Roxana Paraschivoiu

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